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Whether that means hyper-honest blogging, having live chat on the website or making your “sales” process more about education, this is crucial. For more information about setup, refer to BigCommerce’s WordPress plugin support documentation.

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Whether that means hyper-honest blogging, having live chat on the website or making your “sales” process more about education, this is crucial. For more information about setup, refer to BigCommerce’s WordPress plugin support documentation. PCI-compliance is the information security standard for organizations that handle credit card payments — necessary for running a successful ecommerce website. “I’m a fan of moving a lot of ecommerce functionality off the WordPress database and onto something that can handle it better. As we started to focus on SEO, it meant focusing on writing even better content for our readers. Don’t over-complicate things. Showcase your products in the most clear way possible and focus on letting the product shine, rather than making the design of the site itself shine in its place. Site speed. Ecommerce customers are impatient and a slow website is a turnoff to them. Every second counts when it comes to page speed especially when speed can directly affect the user experience of your customers and your search engine ranking. This is also a requirement to rank in relevant Google search, as HTTPS (enabled by SSL) has become an official ranking factor.

Search engines are a major source of traffic for most websites.

Mobile-friendliness has been an important factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a while. This includes optimization for performance (load times), improving abandoned cart rates, A/B testing landing and product pages, and changing up sales copy. There are also many WordPress plugins like WP Smush – Image Optimization which can automatically optimize images for you. Please remember that whilst compressing an image will reduce file size, quality can also be notably reduced if you compress an image too much. Google’s Mobile Friendly Test can point out any major issues. Conversely, this penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly. Search engines are a major source of traffic for most websites. 1: If you are expecting a Digg Front Page you are likely to exceed your current limit of maximum concurrent MySQL connections which is among the prime reasons a site failing a Digg traffic spike. Before adding any new plugins to your site, ask yourself if the functionality you gain is worth the trade-off in site speed, or whether the plugin’s content could be coded into your site’s theme instead.

Using one of these plugins enables you to develop a completely separate theme for mobile devices, with its own layout, navigation and content structure. For WordPress sites using the BigCommerce plugin, this is handled by the platform. “Let the platform do what it does best. “My best tip for ensuring WordPress ecommerce success is to optimize your category and product pages. My best tip is to understand that it goes so much more beyond that. With WordPress gaining so much market share over the past few years, it makes sense that BigCommerce wanted to integrate even more into the ecosystem. Usability. In other words, does your navigation make sense? “I think it makes a lot of sense! Moreover, there are a lot of factors that can greatly affect CTA button. You can use your browser’s developer tools (Inspect in Google Chrome and Inspect Element in Firefox). For ease of use and the result you get we would suggest using Fastest Cache a fantastic WordPress Caching Plugin.

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As soon as you get that working, double down! Start by sharing your project on your own personal social networks and make sure that you’ve also locked down branded social media handles for your business. Business websites are mandatory if you want to remain in the competition and it is also a great marketing tool. We’ll be learning about working with domains, installing WordPress, managing content and using great plugins and themes to secure our website and make our content shine. Whether you’re starting out with a few products or are managing a large product catalog, BigCommerce works well in either situation. With WordPress on the front end and BigCommerce in the backend, you can free up server resources from things like category management, processing payments, and managing logistics — all while maintaining your WordPress website design exactly as you want it. Google’s PageSpeed Insights can point out any major issues.

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A great starting point is to find out whether you’re using a good hosting provider. While you’re putting together your promotional plan, consider these tips to grow your email list. While it helped, I knew I would have to take the jump into a professional suite of SEO tools at some stage. You could dig a well for yourself if you have the machinery and the know-how, but you could also get a professional to do it. Have your ideas well thought out and make sure you have done your research. The BigCommerce plugin creates account pages, as well as pages for your cart, checkout, profiles, gift certificates, account profiles, and order history (among others). 3. Using BigCommerce with WordPress creates a scalable ecommerce solution. For those with existing BigCommerce shops, the plugin also creates a copy of your product catalog and stores them as custom post types in WordPress. You are allowed to set custom notifications for important details that you want to pay attention to. Choose to retain or remove EXIF data like camera settings, focal length, date, time and location details. After converting a lot of Flash sites, they will feel like they have practiced some coding and will become a great designer after all.

Create content that brings people to your site.

The BigCommerce WordPress Plugin will be a great way for businesses to build interactive websites using everything that makes WordPress great while also bolting in their BigCommerce products. It is, however, cheaper and I know some people have had great results. Create content that brings people to your site. “There are a lot of people out there running BigCommerce and the thought of migrating into WooCommerce can be daunting. But these hosting services are cheap for a reason: they cram so many websites onto their servers that each site can only use a tiny fraction of the resources available. For example, we launched a new draft on our development site and left the tab open. Updating your theme will ensure that any mobile updates by your theme author are included on your site before you do any testing. All-In-One SEO plugin is handy for your crucial on-page Search Engine Optimization, unless you have installed the Thesis theme.

A WordPress website with an installed and activated BigCommerce plugin. The BigCommerce WordPress plugin is still relatively new to market as of this publication, but new ecommerce brands are taking notice. Desktop performance still matters, but mobile is the present and the future. 1. Install Firebug into your Firefox browser that inspects HTML and modifies style and layout in real-time, uses the most advanced JavaScript debugger available for any browser and accurately analyses network usage and performance. A Content Delivery Network is a direct extension of your websites server located throughout the world that caches your website’s static content. Today Linda Elze stands before the world as testament to what happens when you are willing to invest in yourself, follow a proven system, and work within a life enhancing community where all work for themselves and each other. The car dealers have also turned to internet and are making specific websites to transform their car businesses into a virtual one. I chose option (2), simply because my page is loading without the script already, so removing it completely should have minimal (if any) impact. Its also moves style to page head and script to footer.