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Indeed, GTMetrix and Pingdom are the two most popular and trusted site to test your site’s speed. Pingdom has a free website speed test tool that has a pretty simple interface.

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Indeed, GTMetrix and Pingdom are the two most popular and trusted site to test your site’s speed. Pingdom has a free website speed test tool that has a pretty simple interface. When you install a new plugin, you’re adding a small (or large) block of code to your website that, if not properly tested, can generate a white screen on your site. The open nature of WordPress – the ease of adding unvetted plugins by non-technical users, combined with the ease of exploiting plugin and platform weaknesses – make it a vector for attacks. Search Engine Land has a completely custom built website in WordPress platform along with custom plugins and widgets made by their team of developers. What is the plugins average rating? A bad rating is not good. Like, block bad bots and visitors to accessing your site and makes your site faster. Hosting your site on private server can solve a lot of security and site speed issues.

  • [FIX] fixed skin-laptop
  • Unused tags and metadata — for example, from deleted posts and comments
  • Apache 2.4 or greater
  • Everest Forms (FREE)
  • Move static files to a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A lot to take in and assimilate – very well organised and written. Take a look at the Vab Media website, our portfolio and the websites we service. Vab Media has created a growing number of responsive design websites for our clients especially with the emergence of mobile and tablet devices. Recently responsive design has become the norm, and this is not limited to WordPress. To add a design element to the canvas, you simply click it. Blogs have been around so long that people tend to forget about them as part of Web 2.0, but they’re an important element of your online marketing plans. American Express has an extremely reliable open forum website containing business information geared towards helping card members with business and marketing tips. ] to your WordPress website and it’ll help compress your images even more. This can help boost rankings in Google Images according to John Mueller. We can also have your website built on a CMS, such as Drupal, Magento or WordPress, to arrange for easier management of content, leads and visitor engagement.

Vab Media can create and build custom websites for any type of industry or business.

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Each time your site goes down, people can’t get to your site. Whether people are using their phones for research, price checking, store or product review or actual purchases Vab Media has you covered. Again Vab Media would like to reiterate that there are many myths surrounding WordPress (Read the Full Post), but all of those myths are just myths. Vab Media can customize your website to perfection while keeping your business goals in mind. Your website speed is a two-faced beast you should regularly monitor because it directly affects your SEO rankings and can have a major impact on conversions (hence lower your rankings because of low click-through rates on some of your pages). Then opening different pages after loading is quick though. That’s a bad thing, particularly if you have backlinks pointing to said pages. But it’s the second, more readable URL that’s our preferred (canonical) version. That’s arguably Twenty Nineteen, since it’s designed to work perfectly with Gutenberg. It’s just a tool. If you’re an Ahrefs user, I also recommend starting a site crawl with Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool.